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How to be the part of the CreGAAtine story?


Who we are?

The producer of CreGAAtine is Carnomed Ltd.
Our main focus is R&D in evidence based nutraceutical/supplement and also production & distribution of end products.


What do we do?

Our company has 2 main sectors, we are happy to talk with regarding cooperation in any of the sectors:

1. Production, sales and distribution of food supplements – we are supplying the US market through our subsidiary company Carnomed USA, New York and EU market through Carnomed Europe, Slovakia.
We are looking to expand our distribution channels.

2. Research & Development – We are closely working and are deeply integrated with University research institutions. We are constantly conducting preclinical and clinical studies and developing novel formulations of food and sports supplements.

The newest product in our portfolio is CreGAAtine, a revolutionary new, patented formula of creatine.


Where CreGAAtine is available, so far?

Just 6 months since product launch, CreGAAtine is already available in several European countries (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina …)

We invite you to join us and take a part in the international spread of this revolutionary product.


How to contact us?

You can contact us via contact form or if you rather prefer via e-mail: [email protected]

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